How Shoppyst Was Born


This is the story how Shoppyst was Born.

Our journey with Shoppyst begins with founder and CEO Ryan Kim. And like most start-up ideas, his idea began with a need…a need for shoppers to sift through the literally millions of online products. Already armed with knowledge and experience he’d been collecting as an E-Commerce consultant with marketing solutions company Senyx, Ryan began working on a prototype to a service that would hopefully aid millions one day. (He’d gained experience helping around 20 different companies establish e-commerce in the US.) Along with fellow programmer Taewook Kim, the two began gauging support for a website aimed at connecting shoppers with each other to help people discover products while reviewing them and sharing with others.

Having received support for the idea, the two knew that an image-based site where shoppers could post and share, while discovering new products would not only be possible, but would be successful. And so was born, the idea and creation of

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