Bon Appétit: BBQ at the Office

 photo IMG_4425_zpswu7kriqy.jpg

All work an no play (and in this case, no food) makes Jack a dull boy. Today we bring you a little behind-the-scenes look at some of our Shoppyst team. To celebrate the kick-off opening of Shoppyst’s closed beta service, we decided to have a little BBQ at the office. (Pictured is chef Taewook one of our programmers.)

 photo IMG_4419_zpsto7fdci3.jpg(Pictured left to right, Katharine, CEO Ryan, Jun, Amy and Taewook)

 photo IMG_4429_zpsqp8dscbc.jpg(Left to right, Katharine, David, Jun and Amy)

We hope you enjoyed a small peak at a few members of our team, and please join us online for our beta service! Some exciting things are in the works and we’ve been hard at work tailoring a social media service that’s just for you!

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