College visit: Otis College of Art & Design


Last Thursday, Shoppyst’s Ryan, Jun & Taewook visited Otis College of Art & Design and met with fashion design major students.

We bribed hungry college students with pizza and explained Shoppyst’s service and recruited beta users.
(actually they weren’t really hungry but thankfully paid great attention to Jun’s boring presentation)

Otis’ students showed interests on the concept of Shoppyst’s service and gave feedback on Shoppyst app and shared useful & practical ideas with the founders.




(Shoppyst team in front of Otis’ logo. from left to right CEO Ryan Kim, CFO Jun Choi, Otis’ first Shoppyst beta user Peter Yun)

Shoppyst wants to get more fashionable college students as beta testers.

We plan to visit other schools to meet students soon, so if you want free pizza, contact us :)

See you out there~~


Ryan & Taewook were featured in KoreAm Magazine… sort of…


Ryan & Taewook got invited to Kolabs last May and they were fortunate to network with great people including John Nahm & Kihong Bae from Strong Ventures.

Few months later, Ryan remembered that there were people from KoreAm Magazine so he looked up the article about Kolabs and found this.

Guess what? Shoppyst was featured on KoreAm magazine…. actually it was only Ryan’s back and Taewook’s shoulders & hair haha :)


First Sunrise of 2016 in California, USA

Happy New Year From Team Shoppyst!

This Youtube video was personally taken by our CEO Ryan Kim on 1/1/2016.
If you want to know where this amazing view is from, comment below and Ryan will tell us :)

Shoppyst’s private beta is opening tomorrow. Yes, Finally it is opening tomorrow 1/5/2016!!
Please visit our beta site, sign up and let us know how we can improve the site.

Thank you very much and have a wonderful 2016!!!


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