3 Thanksgiving Styles You Need to Know

The holidays are already here and let’s face it, Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Actually, more like on our doorstep. But before you step out, you have to get dressed for the proper occasion! We’ve gone ahead and broken it down into the 3 most important styles (occasions) you’ll face. 1. Formal Thanksgiving dinner 2. Dinner at your Significant-Other’s (S/O’s) parents’ house (very important) and 3. Casual/”Friendsgiving” feast. Chances are you’ll be in at least one of these categories, so here are our suggestions on how to make sure not just your eyebrows, but your whole outfit are on fleek.

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Supercharge Your Study Session With These 5 Must-Haves

Midterms (and soon finals) are in full swing. Students huddled to themselves, drinking life-giving coffee like it’s the only thing keeping them going…which it is. Laptops open and that one dude asleep in his microbiology book for the past, like, hour. But there’s got to be a smarter way to study. Well, even if there’s no way of beaming the answers into your head, we at least have some products that will put a little “oomph” into your study sesh’.

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We’ve been mini-featured!

betalist mini-feature!



We were recently listed on’s list of startups…and we’re trending!

Betalist is a site devoted to upcoming startups and services. If you follow the link, you’ll be directed to a short blub about Shoppyst and the new and exciting experience we here have to offer! Please feel free to take a peak and share/like. And of course as always, you are encouraged to sign up to stay directly connected to news of our upcoming beta platform, as well as admission.

So hurry and sign up! We will continue to keep you posted. And if you haven’t checked it out already, make sure to stop by and see our new landing page!